Our Story

NYMP was formed as a vehicle for partnership with like-minded, geographically-aligned, independent physicians and physician organizations. The South Nassau IPA (SNIPA), an independent physician association affiliated with South Nassau Communities Hospital (SNCH), along with several community-based, independent physicians are founding members of NYMP. The physician network now spans across Nassau, Queens and Suffolk counties and has grown to approximately 200 physician members from primary care physicians to various specialists to meet the needs of the patient population. Each of these physician members is committed to providing high quality care cost effective care to their patients through clinical integration.

NYMP’s mission is to promote and enhance the quality, accessibility and availability of health care services by enabling its members to meet the needs of the individuals and communities they serve through participation in an all-payer clinical integration program. NYMP continues to actively develop the required infrastructure in governance, leadership, and staffing, health information technology, and population health strategy for success in improving the quality and efficiency of care delivered to the NYMP communities.

The organization will continue to work to meet the needs of the population through continued performance improvement and value-added services to member physicians to help them meet increasing demands at improved efficiency.