The Value of Clinical Integration

Community Focused Quality Care
(Quality, Coordinated Care)

Equips physicians and staff with tools and resources to improve access and quality of care, Improving the health of patients and strengthening our commitment to the community.

Industry Shift
(Catch-Up or Get Left Behind)

Government and commercial payers are collectively shifting payment models from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, creating incentives, penalties, and competitive pressures to act swiftly or be left behind.

Shared Support
(Shared Infrastructure & Ownership)

Shared support infrastructure and resources across aligned community providers enables meeting increasing demands at improved efficiency, while maintaining desired level of autonomy.

Financial Opportunities
(Increased Revenue Opportunities for Higher Quality Care)

Provides upside financial opportunities for physicians through shared savings, care management reimbursement, and quality incentives from payers, as well as increased referrals.